Korea: Day trip to the Jinhae Gunhangje cherry blossom festival

Korea: Day trip to the Jinhae Gunhangje cherry blossom festival

Attending a cherry blossom festival overseas is not as easy as it looks because the festival dates are different every year and only released less than a month before the actual festival. On top of that, cherry blossom festivals only last for about 2 – 7 days! The right timing is absolutely crucial but you’re at the full mercy of mother nature here.

So you can wait till the exact dates are confirmed before purchasing last minute tickets – but mind you, the flight tickets will be jacked up because this is the peak season and because its last minute. To get a better deal, it is recommended to book your flight tickets months in advance. image

Cherry blossoms in Korea
Korea has always been overshadowed by Japan when it comes to cherry blossom festivals. However, in the recent years, Korea has become a popular alternative to Japan for viewing the cherry blossoms. Why? No prizes for guessing that k-pop, Korean dramas, running man, beauty products (which have overtaken Japan imo) and even plastic surgery have been large contributing factors to this. There is much to do in Korea!

What is the Jinhae Gunhangje cherry blossom festival?
It’s the BIGGEST cherry blossom festival in Korea and is held at the navel port city, Jinhae, which is at the southern most tip of the Korean peninsula.

Its truly an experience to be in this beautiful cherry blossom filled city, Jinhae, basking in the festive atmosphere with both locals and tourists alike.

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