[REVIEW] Amara Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

[REVIEW] Amara Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has always been one of those mandatory “Once a year getaways” for shopping (stocking up on clothes for the year), eating and partying. Plus, you wont feel like you’ve burnt a big hole in your pocket because you can get so much bang for your buck due to the favorable exchange rate.

One of the most important things to do in preparation for bangkok, is to book a nice hotel, because, it wont cost you a fortune to live like a king in a nice hotel. I chose Amara Hotel in Bangkok because they have a club lounge with club memberships, and also because I wanted some instaworthy pictures of their infinity pool.

I would like to thank Amara Hotel, Bangkok for giving me the opportunity to stay at their hotel in their club room.

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[Review] Gelish Manicure with Nail Art by Niu Nails, a home based salon

It’s that time again where I’m caught taking photos of handheld items with bare and unkempt nails. Yeah, I am in dire need of a gelish manicure.

I did some research online and came across Niu Nails, a home based salon. I was quite impressed with their nail art portfolio and they had many good reviews so I decided to try them out.

It’s my first time having my nails done at a home based salon!

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[BEAUTY REVIEW] Labottach V-up, T-zone & eye patch from Korea

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Labottach V-up, T-zone & eye patch from Korea

Recently entering the shores of Singapore is Labottach, a pharmaceutical and cosmetics company from Korea! Although they are new to Singapore, they are not new to the skincare world.


WooShin Labottach was first established in 1992 in Korea and has been focusing on research and developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products over the past 20 years. After successfully exported their products to Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan, they are now launching their products in Singapore!

Labottach Skincare:

  • Exclusive Innovated material and formulation with our own R&D Center
  • Dermatologist tested in Germany (suitable for sensitive skin & prenant woman)
  • Products are clinically proven effective

I was really intrigued by Labottach’s skin care products as, in comparison to the typical sheet mask that lasts for just 20mins, they last for 6 – 8 hours. Also, all the ingredients that they use are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil.

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