Subsequent to my first visit to Kenjo Hair Salon for Pastel bayalage babylights, I am back again for the 5 Step Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment that my stylist Zenn recommended.

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Tokio Inkarami 5 step hair treatment

Since its launch in 2011, TOKIO has been synonymous with Japan’s leading system treatment. Critically acclaimed by professionals, clients and media, TOKIO is now a first-class system treatment not only in Japan but around the world

Some background knowledge:

What the Tokio Inkarami 5 step hair treatment does is it repairs hair from the inside out and fills up both small and big molecules in the hair.

The Tokio Inkarami 5 step hair treatment is also free of parabens, silicones and Sulfates. So happy!!! As you may or may not know, I have embarked on a journey to only use products that are Paraben, Silicone and Sulfate free.

One of my previous posts here fyi: My 10 step korean skincare routine (free of: parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil) 2017

The 5 steps!

The hair treatment process in a nutshell:

  • Step 0: Penetrating agents + nano mist
  • Step 1 – Waterfowl Keratin
  • Step 2 – Inkarami Reaction + Heating machine
  • Step 3 – Replenish 4 types of Keratin
  • Step 4 – Replenish Oil + hair bath

Kenjo Hair Salon

Kenjo hair salon is a korean salon with a combination of stylists from Taiwan, SG and Korea. They are located conveniently at Plaza Singapura too!


Upon arrival I was provided with :

  • Choice of drink with my favourite Lotus Biscoff biscuit
  • Magazines
  • Charging point (Yasssss!)
  • Free WiFi
  • A bag to keep my handbag

Here is my hair just before the treatment:

Ha… haven’t had much time to take care of my hair, its looking rather frizzy

Tokio Inkarami 5 step Hair Treatment Process:

Step 0: Penetrating agents + Nano mist

This step helps to prep the hair and enhance penetration of all the goodness that is to come next.

Step 0’s Penetration enhancer consists of Urea, Keratin Amino Acid, Hydrolyzed silk, Pellicer, Ceramide complex, after which a nano mist is applied for about 5mins for even better penetration. The nano mist can penetrate better than a normal mist because of its smaller molecules. (Just like the nano mist facial I just did at D’skin!)

Step 1 – Waterfowl Keratin

The Waterfowl Keratin will penetrate into the core of hair, building up a base for Inkarami reaction in the next step

How it is applied: Pumping of the product first and then pounding of the product into my hair to ensure full penetration.

Can you see the bubbles from the pumping of my hair?


Step 2 – Inkarami Reaction + Heating machine

During this step, keratin amino acid is applied and it will combine with the keratin from Tokio step 1, promoting polymerized to improve elasticity and strengthen significantly.

The product used in this step will differ from person to person depending on their hair type. There are 3 to choose from:

  1. Basic: normal to dry hair
  2. Smooth: for frizzy hair
  3. Moisture: for dry hair

Zenn choose the Smooth one for me as the moisture one will be too heavy for my limp hair.
After applying the cream, my hair is left in the Heating machine for 5mins

Step 3 – Replenish 4 types of Keratins

For this step, 4 types of keratins will combine together by Inkarami reaction, and will strengthen restoration.

The 4 keratin cream is applied and then Shampoo washed off.

Step 4 – Replenish Oil

18 MEA and 13 types of plant oil, together with ceramide 2 will increase the ability of water retention and moisture retention.

What happens in this step is, my hair is given a spa bath with the oil. My hair is put in a tub and it is rinsed again and again rinsed with the bath water.

(Sorry, I dont have pictures for this cause i was lying at the sink without my phone.)

And we are done!

Zenn also passed me the Tokio Inkarami Shampoo, Treatment and Serum to try out at home.

Its recommended to apply the Serum when hair is wet.

Tip from Zenn: Hair Cuticles are like fish scales and combing your hair will close the cuticles.  So combing your hair after a shower is highly recommended as it helps to close the cuticles, preventing moisture loss.

End results!!

After 2hr of hair treatment, my hair is now Pantene Ad worthy!!! Sooooo smooth and straight WOW

FYI, I didn’t use any filters here !


My hair feels sooooo soft and airy now, opposed to other kinds of treatments where my hair becomes heavier after the treatment (due to the silicone build up on the hair which weighs the hair down).

Also, Tokio Inkarami is free of parabens sulfates and silicones! That in itself makes me very happy already. Because sadly, it is still really hard to find hair products that are free of silicones, parabens and sulfates, so I am glad that Tokio Inkarami is free of them.

I highly recommend my stylist Zenn as she is super sincere – The whole time during the treatment, I asked her so many questions and she was able to answer them all with very knowledgeable answers. Every session with her is like a hair education to me and i learn something new each time 🙂

Dont you think that my hair has faded into an greenish ash color? I am rather pleased at how it still looks good even after 7 weeks. Just like what Zenn has told me, she only believes in creating hairstyles that will look good even after a couple of months. My hair still looks great even after 7 weeks, thank you Zenn!

Post Treatment care
No washing of hair for 24hrs, or 36hr if possible.

On day 3 after washing my hair, its still really smooth and shiny!

Zenn told me to come back another day for their scalp treatment next, and advised that everyone should be doing some sort of hair treatment once a month, or once every 3 months at least. Hair Treatments are like facials, but for the hair.

Will update again after I’ve tried out the scalp treatment next 🙂

Price & Discount Code:

The Tokio Inkarami Treatment that I did is $200 – $260 depending on your hair length. But we have a promotion here!

Kenjo Hair Salon is offering a special discount for my readers: Quote my name “EstherK” and receive 15% off ALL hair services with my stylist Zenn. 

After the discount, the Tokio Inkarami 5 step Treatment will be from $170 – $221 depending on your hair length.

Kenjo Hair Salon

Website here

Facebook here


68 orchard road, #04-72
Plaza Singapore new wing
Singapore 238839

Phone: 62388083


*Although this service was sponsored, my comments and thoughts about it are entirely my own.

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