[REVIEW] Travel Photoshoot with Sweet Escape in Marrakech, Morocco

[REVIEW] Travel Photoshoot with Sweet Escape in Marrakech, Morocco

Travel has always been such a big part of me. Like, if I don’t travel for 6 months, i think i would fall sick lol.

When i’m travelling, i have the habit of taking loads of pictures, well, because memories fade but pictures dont. And although i do have a fairly good camera, I dont get to take pictures with Tyrell, because he is usually the one behind the lens. Thats where i decided that i would like to try out a travel photoshoot!

Sweet Escape

SweetEscape is a holiday photography service that captures moments for vacation goers, connecting them with 2000+ photographers from across the globe.

You can book a shoot for any type of occassion – proposals, pre-wedding, wedding, honeymoon and any type of occassion really!


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[REVIEW] OSIM’s uLove2 Massage Chair and the 4 Hand Massage

[REVIEW] OSIM’s uLove2 Massage Chair and the 4 Hand Massage

I had the privilege to attend the OSIM uLove 2 launch the other day, thank you OSIM for having me 🙂 The launch concept was really innovative! It was done up as a “first class flight” experience: Read on to find out more of the event as well as a promo code for this newly launched massage chair.

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The wrong kind of cat food caused my kitten’s life to be in danger

I recently bought a ragamuffin munchkin kitten and his name is Nimbus (yes, like the fast cloud).

He is now 7mths old and is a really funny cat cause he hates being touched but loves a good belly run and massage. Like if i carry him or put him on my body he will keep whining until he is off.

Anyways, just recently, we noticed that his appetite had gone really bad no matter what kind of food we fed him. He stopped eating and was also less active, not like what a kitten should be; curious and full of life.

I got a little paranoid after doing some Google searches on “kittens with lack of appetite and less active” cause a lot of the articles showed that it could be a fading kitten syndrome.

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The Best Restaurant to Dine with a View of the Santorini Sunset at Oia

One of the bucket list MUST DO things in Oia, Santorini, is to catch the famous Santorini sunset! The sunset can be viewed from the north-west tip of Oia, around the Byzantine Castle Ruins, and so during sunset, crowds of tourists camp here to catch it.

We didn’t want to haggle with the tourists, and at the same time we wanted to enjoy the sunset in the comfort of a restaurant, so we set off to look for a restaruant that had a view of the Santorini sunset. We weren’t really able to find any information on where to dine with a view of the Santorini sunset, but we were lucky to chance upon this particular restaurant while wandering around Oia.

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[REVIEW] FreshKon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown

Recently, I decided that i would like to give natural looking contact lenses a go. I wanted to find lenses that looked like MEBB “my eyes but better”. Haha i totally made that phrase up, but MLBB “my lips but better” actually exists, and what it means is that it looks like my natural eyes, but in actual fact, it is not, it is just very natural looking enhancements done to fool everyone that it is natural. Its also like the “no makeup, makeup look”.

I did some research and found the Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown . They also have 4 other shades to choose from but I personally prefer lenses without a dark black ring around the diameter, and Winsome Brown had the lightest ring.

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[REVIEW] My XLash eyelash serum RESULTS

I’ve been rather sad about my over processed eyelashes, mostly because I had done too many lash perms (this was before i tried Lash Lift at Yan Artistry) and lash extensions. These have left me with some sparse areas in my lash line. Because of this, I had to put eyelash extensions and lash perms on hold to let my real lashes strengthen and re-grow.

I was desperately in need of a lash serum to induce new growth.

I chanced upon Xlash, a swedish company specialising in eyelash serums, and after i saw the super impressive results that their users had, I had to give it a go!

Check the reviews out for yourself : http://xlash.com.sg/full-blogger-reviews/

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[REVIEW] Gamma light mist facial treatment at d’skin Novena

[REVIEW] Gamma light mist facial treatment at d’skin Novena

I’m sure most of you would have tried out some sort of facial in your whole life, be it laser, radio frequency, ultrasound, oxygen, diamond peeling, carbon laser, chemical peeling and etc. These names are not unfamiliar to us.

But did you know? There is an even newer type of facial in the market now! It is called, the Gamma Light Mist Treatment, and this is launched by d’skin.

Before we go into what the Gamma Light Mist Treatment is, what is d’skin?

What is d’skin?

d’skin is a range of skincare researched and formulated in Japan. With the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle, the carefully crafted selection of premium-quality products offers modern busy women effective remedies. d’skin is a revolutionary brand that uses cosmeceutical approach: formulations marry the best of technology and nature using innovative bio-technology and new-generation botanical to provide maximum efficacy and optimum results.

Besides skincare products, d’skin is also focused on using medical-grade equipment to achieve desirable results. It offers a complete range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for aging skin and delivers the top three most popular services in health, wellness and beauty sector: skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Gamma Light Mist Treatment

July 2017 – d’skin launched its newest treatment for lifeless, tired and dehydrated skin – The Gamma Light Mist Treatment. It is targeted to repair and regenerate inflamed and stressed cells and tissue while reducing sensitivity and improving resilience.

There are 2 parts to the Gamma Light Mist Treatment:

  1. Softlight 905nm: heals the skin cells via the cold infrared light and accelerates the metabolic process. Skin is healed from within, relieved from any sensitivities and smoothened.
  2. Gamma Nano mists: improves the absorption channels of the skin and carries the active ingredients deep into the skin.

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[REVIEW] Lash lift with Semi Permanent Mascara at Yan Artistry, a home based salon

[REVIEW] Lash lift with Semi Permanent Mascara at Yan Artistry, a home based salon

I would say that I have been fairly blessed with long lashes for an Asian, but the only problem is that they are STICK STRAIGHT and DOWNWARD pointing! Curling them with a lash curler is hard enough, and even with the best waterproof mascara, the curls dont exactly hold up the whole day.

Thats when I decided, why not get a lash lift?

I did some research online and came across Yan Artistry, a home based salon. I was quite impressed with their lash portfolio so I decided to try them out. Plus, they also have SEMI PERMANENT MASCARA, something that is rather new to the market. It is such a genius invention because even with permed lashes, I usually apply mascara over them, which tends to smudge in Singapore’s humid weather.

Semi permanent mascara + lash lift sounds like the perfect lash solution!

The most popular type of lash lift at the moment comes from an Australian company called Elleebana.

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[REVIEW] Reducing Armpit Fat / Bra Bulge with Mini Coolsculpt at Chelsea Clinic 

[REVIEW] Reducing Armpit Fat / Bra Bulge with Mini Coolsculpt at Chelsea Clinic 

I’ve always been so insecure about my armpit fat aka bra fat or axillary fat which I have had ever since forever. I dislike it so much that I shun away wearing sleeveless, spaghetti and tube tops. I mean. Just look at this!

Axillary fat cool mini review

I’m not sure if its due to my genes, or from wearing wrong sized bras the wrong way when I was going through puberty. Maybe its a combination of both. The fats (and breast tissue) probably got pushed out to the armpit area by my bra strap.

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