Korea: Quick guide to claiming your tax refund at Incheon airport 2017

Claiming your tax refund in Korea has become even simplier than it was a year back because now, most shops offer IMMEDIATE tax refund on the spot, so you need not haggle around with a mountain of tax refund slips.

Your receipt will state very clearly “Immediate tax refund”

Remember to bring along your passport with you when you’re shopping to get the immediate tax refund. Otherwise, remember to request for the tax refund slips.


However, there are still shops that don’t provide immediate tax refund, so here’s what you need to do to get your tax refund.

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Israel: How to enjoy the Dead Sea like a pro

Israel: How to enjoy the Dead Sea like a pro

I’ve always remembered reading about the dead sea as a kid and was intrigued at how people could possibly float in such a salt lake. To finally get the chance to experience floating in the waters of the dead sea for real is just mind blowing!

Some of my my friends asked me “Has anyone drowned in the dead sea before?”. Well, I tried very hard to sink myself in the dead sea, but i kept bobbing back up. I’d say yes, it’s impossible to sink, not drown. Because technically, if you float with your face down, you will drown lol!

I literally couldn’t find any sand at the bottom of the sea. Everything that I scooped up was salt. Mega cool!!!

A rather sad piece of information is that the waters are receding by a meter each year and by 2050 it will be completely extinct 😦

The dead sea borders Jordan to the east and Israel to the west and you can visit from both countries. I visited the dead sea from Israel and here’s some tips on how you can enjoy the dead sea like a pro with 1 night:

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