Beware of Ryan air. Possibly the most despicable airline in the world

So, why do I say this?

They are an airline that will take any opportunity to cheat money off their customers.

This is what I experienced while I was in Marrakech. Apparently we needed to check in online prior to our flight. But we didn’t know this and had to pay 66 euros to get them to check in for us. And the thing is, we couldnt do the online check in on the spot cos by the time we got to the airport (which is 2hr beforehand), they closed the online check in. Also, the online check-in is only open 24hr beforehand. And goodness, as travellers, we don’t always have connection to the internet nor are we free to check our email during travel. The extra charge of 55euros for check in is stated in the email but the print is is freaking tiny you’d miss it. It’s like they want you to miss it. (Also they charged us 66 euros and not 55 euros as per the email)

This truly a trap. First time customers would have no idea about this at all and will need to pay the additional! I have never seen another airline as despicable as this. I’ve taken many other budget flights but none of them have such a practice.


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The wrong kind of cat food caused my kitten’s life to be in danger

I recently bought a ragamuffin munchkin kitten and his name is Nimbus (yes, like the fast cloud).

He is now 7mths old and is a really funny cat cause he hates being touched but loves a good belly run and massage. Like if i carry him or put him on my body he will keep whining until he is off.

Anyways, just recently, we noticed that his appetite had gone really bad no matter what kind of food we fed him. He stopped eating and was also less active, not like what a kitten should be; curious and full of life.

I got a little paranoid after doing some Google searches on “kittens with lack of appetite and less active” cause a lot of the articles showed that it could be a fading kitten syndrome.

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