Travel has always been such a big part of me. Like, if I don’t travel for 6 months, i think i would fall sick lol.

When i’m travelling, i have the habit of taking loads of pictures, well, because memories fade but pictures dont. And although i do have a fairly good camera, I dont get to take pictures with Tyrell, because he is usually the one behind the lens. Thats where i decided that i would like to try out a travel photoshoot!

Sweet Escape

SweetEscape is a holiday photography service that captures moments for vacation goers, connecting them with 2000+ photographers from across the globe.

You can book a shoot for any type of occassion – proposals, pre-wedding, wedding, honeymoon and any type of occassion really!

Sweet Escape App

They also have an app that you can book your travel photoshoot from. Actually everything is made easier with the sweet escape app! I used it to communicate with the photographer as well as shortlist the photographs that I wanted and then i downloaded the photos from the app directly.


Preparing for our travel photoshoot:

Our photographer gave us some suggestions on which locations to shoot at but of course we are allowed to pick locations of our choice if we had one in mind. For us though, we left it up to the photographer cause they’re local and would probably know better.

Oh and also, we’re allowed to bring more outfits to change into, capped at the duration of the shoot.

During the photoshoot

We started off shooting pictures at our Riad (Traditional Moroccan house) because, well it is super gorgeous and is totally “Moroccan vibes”.

Our Riad: Riad Dar Ten

This was the little fountain / pool in our Riad




at level 2 of our Riad


and this is the rooftop of our Riad

Then we went off and wandered around the Medina

checking out the spices


copper stores


Ceramics – this one was funny cause the store keeper kept trying to prevent us from taking photos by bending over and showing his butt while blocking us from taking a clean shot.

and of course straw bags

My friend Jacintha brought about 3 outfits along for the shoot and she got changed on the go, like along the streets, without going to the toilet. She’s way too pro. But for me, i brought a couple of accessories to play up my 1 outfit. I wore a white maxi dress and brought along a red scarf and a red headband. You can see as below in the pictures.



with my red scarf – this is such a good accessory!


and red headband



Here’s one of me and Tyrell – this was totally candid

So apparently i heard from the photographer that they do the ground work during the shoot, then they send the unedited photos over to Sweet Escape, and Sweet Escape is the one that edits the pictures. Whoa what a revelation haha. Like no wonder all of the Sweet Escape photos in all the different countries have really similar edits! Cause it’s sort of standardised.

After the Travel Photoshoot


You can view your whole album with all photos editted! There will be watermarks on them though so you cant save them and use them from there. You will need to pick the photos that you wish to download and then they will release the full version to you.


Overall thoughts

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Sweet Escape

You can use the Promo code “ESTHER” to redeem $50 off + 30 extra photos, valid worldwide on

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