I had the privilege to attend the OSIM uLove 2 launch the other day, thank you OSIM for having me 🙂 The launch concept was really innovative! It was done up as a “first class flight” experience: Read on to find out more of the event as well as a promo code for this newly launched massage chair.


OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair Launch Event

Upon arrival at the event, OSIM provided us each with OSIM boarding passes for the “OSIM” flight. The boarding pass even states “first class” flight. It’s my first time taking a first class flight haha 😛


Ladies waiting at the “boarding gates” here.

Then we proceeded to the “boarding gate”, where we waited with the rest of the ladies. Each one of us was assigned an OSIM “flight attendant”, and they were dressed the part too. Once everyone arrived, we were then ushered into the OSIM “plane”. Our plane seats were actually the OSIM uLove2 massage chairs! We got seated on the massage chair and prepared for “take off”!

All the ladies at the “boarding gates”

They even had a “plane announcement” announcing that we would be taking off to “OSIM Paradise”, this was super cute!


So while onboard the “flight”, we got to experience the different functions of the uLove2;

  • 4 Hand massage technology: The revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology features 4 sets of powerful massage rollers for double the enjoyment. It is as if you are getting massaged by 2 masseurs at the same time.
  • V-Hand™ with 720° Roller Balls: Intelligent V-Hand™ Massage emulates the skillful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’s hand for a realistic grip that extracts your deep-seated knots. The 720° roller balls rotate 360° in both directions, rolling along every contour of your body to ensure the smoothest and most pleasurable massage.
  • Full body massage from the head to the feet! (also including the butt :P)
  • Intelligent auto shoulder detection: No worries if you are not the average height, the auto shoulder detection will ensure that you get your shoulder massage at the right place
  • 3D surround sound: 2 speakers are positioned on the chair just beside your head, for greater enjoyment when watching videos / listening to music.
  • uLove 2 App: which allows you to control the massage with your phone.
  • Entertainment stand to hold phones, tablets and etc.
  • USB charging : Yassss I can charge my phone while getting a massage

The event concept was really BRILLIANT! Great job OSIM!

ulove2-massage-chair-product-image-blue-sqr_2 (1).jpg

These are the 4 colors that the uLove 2 massage chair is avail in. I personally like the eggplant purple one cause it blends in with the flower designs on the side.

My thoughts on the uLove 2

Personally, if i were to get a massage done, i would definitely want some sort of entertainment while getting massaged cause I don’t usually fall asleep while getting massaged and I like to multi-task by doing more than 1 thing at a time. OSIM has taken the modern user into thought when they designed the uLove 2! With the 3D surround sound, the entertainment stand, and the USB Charger, I don’t need to hold my device and I can fully enjoy the massage while watching k-dramas accompanied by quality 3D surround sound.

The 4 hand massage is also very efficient cause its equivalent to 2 masseurs giving you a massage and will effectively provide double the pleasure. Check out the Andy Lau adv here:

I do feel that this design is skewed towards ladies because of its floral design on the side and would fit into any ladies bedroom / living room. (This is also a great present idea for the ladies)

All in, I will recommend the uLove 2 Massage chair for ladies that want to achieve more at one go while enjoying the luxury of the 3D surround sound, the 4 hand massage and the quilted leatherette chair 🙂

Lifestyle- purple-2.jpg

OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair

Where to buy:


or at any one of the OSIM outlets throughout SG.

The OSIM uLove 2 massage chair is now retailing at $6,699, but if you use the promo code “Esthk”, you can get it at $5,499!

*Valid till 30 Sept 2018

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uLove 2- Purple 1.jpg

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