The Best Restaurant to Dine with a View of the Santorini Sunset at Oia

One of the bucket list MUST DO things in Oia, Santorini, is to catch the famous Santorini sunset! The sunset can be viewed from the north-west tip of Oia, around the Byzantine Castle Ruins, and so during sunset, crowds of tourists camp here to catch it.

We didn’t want to haggle with the tourists, and at the same time we wanted to enjoy the sunset in the comfort of a restaurant, so we set off to look for a restaruant that had a view of the Santorini sunset. We weren’t really able to find any information on where to dine with a view of the Santorini sunset, but we were lucky to chance upon this particular restaurant while wandering around Oia.

Fanari Villas

Can you see the people seated along the edge? Yep! Thats the restaurant in Fanari Villas.

Views from our table. We we’re seated right at the edge too!

The Windmill is just right behind us

Amoundi Bay is right below us

Our perfectly undisrupted view from our table.


“Exciting” “tagliatelle” with seafood (like mussels, shell-fish, chopped octopus) & juice of fresh tomatoes topped with shred basil leaves. This was my favourite one! the tagliatelle was cooked to perfection; with a slightly chewy texture, and the seafood was really fresh.

i’m sorry i cant quite remember the name of this one.

Food prices was very much similar to the other restaurants in Santorini, I was a little suprised because the view of the Santorini sunset was just perfect and their food was pretty good, so i was expecting it to be a little more pricey. But well, that’s our gain 🙂

Fanari Villas

Its probably a good idea to make a reservation to get the best seats in the house 🙂


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