I’ve always been so insecure about my armpit fat aka bra fat or axillary fat which I have had ever since forever. I dislike it so much that I shun away wearing sleeveless, spaghetti and tube tops. I mean. Just look at this!

Axillary fat cool mini review

I’m not sure if its due to my genes, or from wearing wrong sized bras the wrong way when I was going through puberty. Maybe its a combination of both. The fats (and breast tissue) probably got pushed out to the armpit area by my bra strap.

cool mini review bra fat

I tried so many ways and means to get rid of it like wearing those thick-strap bras, doing chest exercises, and even physically pushing the bra fats down with my own hands on a daily basis. But nothing changed.

That’s when I decided that I would have to try out something else.


Just to give you an idea of what my bra fat looks like. How unsightly!


I had a hard time finding pictures of my bra fat as I have been wearing long sleeve tops most of the time cause I dont like exposing the fats there. So yeah, these are the rare few from my trip to Greece.

Some of you may already know what Cool Sculpting is, it has been in the market for awhile now. But let me quickly explain for those of you that don’t know.

 What is Zeltiq Coolsculpting?


Coolsculpting is the only FDA approved, clinically proven, non-invasive, no downtime, no needles, no scars treatment to get rid of fat under our skin by freezing the fat cells.

How does it work?
Freezing the fat cells causes them to self destruct and die. Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear away the fatty cellular debris and remodel the area to give you a slimmer silhouette.

Are there any side effects?
Most people tolerate the treatment very well. The more common side effects are mild pain in the treated sites, bruising and nerve trauma.

However, the Coolsculpt can only be used if you have a large area of fats to work on. eg. tummy, thighs. this meant that it would not be suitable for small areas of fats! eg. double chin, bra fat, etc.

I’m so happy that Zeltiq has recently launched the CoolMini in the beginning of 2016, which is essentially the Coolsculpt, but with a SMALLER APPLICATOR to target those smaller pockets of fats.

Zeltiq CoolMini


The new applicator is uniquely designed to treat small pockets of fat targeting chin, neck, underarm, bra bulge and other problem areas. It uses safe and controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells for good. The procedure is entirely non-invasive and you can resume normal activities after treatment.

Chelsea Clinic

As a leading medical clinic, Chelsea Clinic already carries the CoolMini even though it is a fairly new machine.

2017-12-01 01286897202..jpg

Chelsea Clinic is located conveniently at Wheelock Place, Orchard.

2017-12-01 012037865486..jpg

Reception counter

Consultation with Dr Mag from Chelsea Clinic

Prior to the treatment, I had a consultation with Dr Mag from Chelsea Clinic. Here are some of the common questions that Dr Mag went through with me:

What results can I expect?

the CoolMini promises up to 20% reduction after one session

Immediate to short term side effects:

Maybe slight swelling and bruising in the area after the treatment for up to a week due to the inflammation

How long does it take to see results?


When can I do another treatment of CoolMini?

Subsequent treatment can be done after 2mths

How will I know if i am suitable for CoolMini?

To see if you’re a suitable candidate for the coolmini, the fats need to be substantial enough when pinched. A good gauge is if your fats will fit into the applicator head here! The machine will suck your fats into it and if there isn’t enough fats, the applicator will lose grip and drop out. You will not be able to continue with the treatment if it drops out after 10mins of the treatment.

cool mini review bra fatcool mini review bra fat

Dr Mag advised that the amount of fats on my left armpit was enough to do the cool mini. FYI My left armpit has more fats than the right. (my left armpit is on the right side of the pic)

cool mini review bra fat2017-12-01 01492970696..jpg2017-12-01 01347883250..jpg

The CoolMini procedure:

2017-12-01 01601350899..jpg

No numbing cream is applied! Dr Mag marked out the area first, applied some cooling gel to the area and then fitted the applicator on.

My fats were sucked into place first and the applicator head was strapped down to prevent it from dropping out.

cool mini review armpit fat

Sorry that you cant really see the applicator head here because its covered by the straps

2017-12-01 01833870414..jpg

Only after it was fitted properly, then did Dr Mag turned on the cold.

2017-12-01 01941267119..jpg

The nurse advised that if the head dropped out after the first 10mins then the treatment cannot go on, but if it drops out within the 10mins then it can be fitted back in and continued. this is why the nurses came back into the room to check on me at the 10min mark. The treatment was a total of 45mins, and within that 45mins, the nurses came in to check on me about 3 times.

I was quite concerned that the head would drop out so I didn’t use my phone at all for the full 45mins.

I would say that The treatment itself was bearable, the sensation itself was like putting ice on your skin for an extended period – it gets so cold that the area becomes numb. And likewise, the sensation slowly went from cold to numb.

Immediately after the CoolMini treatment

After 45mins, the machine was turned off, and slowly, my cells in the treated area began to warm up and blood began to flow into the cells. I won’t lie here. It was painful! My fats cells felt like it was on fire. And the funny thing was that it was painful when the treatment itself wasn’t. Luckily, it lasted just a couple of minutes and after that it went back to normal. Dr Mag assured me that this burning sensation was normal and different people have different reactions, some don’t experience this and some do.

2017-12-01 01973306586..jpg

The nurse then massaged the treated area to ensure that the fat cells would get broken down.

2017-12-01 01205845755..jpg

The red line here was due to a Slight abrasion but Dr Mag advised that it was nothing to worry about as there wasn’t any open wounds.

Post Treatment:

My fats were a little sore for the next few days, sorta like a muscle ache.

3 days post-treatment:

The treated area started to feel a little tender as well as itchy and this lasted for about 4 days.


A month later

cool mini review armpit fat

Wow check that out! The excess lump at the top has reduced and it looks way more even with the rest of my axillary area.

2 months later

cool mini review armpit fat

the bump isnt as obvious here anymore

cool mini review armpit fat

Armpit fats looking less defined and the bump has flattened out

cool mini review bra fat

The bump here has smoothed out!

My Thoughts:

I was not expecting the fats to be fully eradicated as the coolsculpt already states a maximum of 20% reduction. There has been a good reduction in the area where there was a lump of fats that was sticking out. The lump has smoothed out and now the area is way more even. I am pretty happy with the results. Dr Mag advised that if I want to further reduce it, I can consider another session of the coolmini or try another treatment, liposonic.


  • No need for anesthesia
  • No need for numbing cream or needles
  • Non-invasive
  • No scars
  • No downtime
  • The CoolMini can now reach those hard to reach areas that the cool sculpt couldn’t, with the smaller CoolMini applicator!
  • Great for targeting specific areas of fats
  • Relatively short amount of time spent to get massive results
  • Results are permanent unless you put on weight, in which the fats may reappear.


  • Cannot be done for fats in areas that can’t be pinched.
  • For me personally, it hurt when the treatment was completed, when the cells started to warm up. I would say that the pain factor was about 7/10 for me.


Versus slimming treatments in beauty clinics that dont use machines that are of medical grade, it will usually take at least 5 – 10 sessions to get visible results (@ $100++ per session), if any. But with the CoolMini, results can be seen after just 1 session! So, if you think about it, although CoolMini is more expensive, it takes just 1 session as compared to multiple sessions of other slimming programs which adds up to be pretty much the same price.

Also, it is not a magical treatment that will remove ALL the fats in the area. The CoolMini already states that it can provide up to 20% reduction in one session. So as long as you keep your expectations realistic, you will not be disappointed.

This is such a great solution for stubborn fats or fats that are impossible to get rid of with exercise. I am thankful for this technology!

Will i do this treatment again? Yes I would if the armpit fats can still fit the applicator. I am also considering other areas with stubborn fats like my tummy.

Thank you Dr Mag and Chelsea Clinic, I can now wear sleeveless / spaghetti tops with more confidence!


This is pretty Dr Mag 🙂

Chelsea clinic


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/308367744/the-chelsea-clinic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheChelseaClinic/

Address: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, 05-08A, Singapore 238880

Price: $850 per area. eg. What I did for the left armpit was $850.


Although this was a sponsorship provided by Chelsea Clinic, the opinions are my own.


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