[Review] Gelish Manicure with Nail Art by Niu Nails, a home based salon

It’s that time again where I’m caught taking photos of handheld items with bare and unkempt nails. Yeah, I am in dire need of a gelish manicure.

I did some research online and came across Niu Nails, a home based salon. I was quite impressed with their nail art portfolio and they had many good reviews so I decided to try them out.

It’s my first time having my nails done at a home based salon!

Niu Nails

The place wasn’t very hard to find, i followed Google maps and got there without difficulty.


The owner of Niu Nails, Serene greeted me at the door and brought me to her room-turned-salon.

The room was air-conditioned and had a TV for customers to watch.

Serene has been doing this home based salon for 4 years already!

Serene recommended doing holographic nails as it is the latest trend! And I immediately agreed cause they are so shimmery and pretty with a rainbow shine.

There is both a light and a darker colored version of holographic nails, I chose the lighter one.


  • Removing of old gelish
  • Cutting, buffing and shaping nails
  • Removal of cuticles
  • Base coat
  • Base colors applied and cured with uv light. Serene uses special Japanese nail polish that come in pots instead of the typical bottle with brush attached to the cap. 
  • Holographic powder is rubbed on and it turns the white base into holographic. I’m so amazed by this magic powder. It turns from powder to a holographic nail by simply rubbing.
  • Shattered glass foils are glued on
  • Final top coat
  • Nail oil applied
  • Finished!

Serene and I chatted throughout the manicure and the 2hrs flew by quick. She made me feel right at home.

Holographic & Shattered Glass Nail Art

Niu nails sg
Niu nails sg
The finished nails!!!

Niu nails review
Niu nails review

I can have rainbows on my nails too!!

My Thoughts


  • You can be sure that you’ll receive much better service and attention as the owner herself will be attending to your nails VS being attended to by an employee of a nail salon.
  • Serene is super friendly and chatty! I felt right at home with her
  • Affordable price compared to nail salons (typically over $100 for classic gelish manicure with nail art)
  • Latest Holographic nail art trend


  • May not be so convenient to those who stay in the west as she is located at Hougang


Doing nails at a home based salon means that the manicurist doing your nails is also the owner! Meaning that she will definitely make sure that she does a good job since she is the owner. I am certainly a convert from typical nail salons to home based salons 🙂 I also super love the style recommended, cant stop staring at my new holographic nails.

Thank you Serene!

Price: $79 for the exact same set of holographic nails with shattered glass nail art.

I’ve got a special promotion for all my readers. You can quote my name “Esther” and get 15% of usual prices 🙂

Also, just for this same set (classic gelish manicure with holographic and shattered glass nail art) you can get it for $60 instead of $79! That’s a 24% discount!

Niu nails review
Niu nails review

Niu nails





Niunails@live.com or 81136741


927 Hougang street 91, s530927


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