Recently entering the shores of Singapore is Labottach, a pharmaceutical and cosmetics company from Korea! Although they are new to Singapore, they are not new to the skincare world.


WooShin Labottach was first established in 1992 in Korea and has been focusing on research and developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products over the past 20 years. After successfully exported their products to Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan, they are now launching their products in Singapore!

Labottach Skincare:

  • Exclusive Innovated material and formulation with our own R&D Center
  • Dermatologist tested in Germany (suitable for sensitive skin & prenant woman)
  • Products are clinically proven effective

I was really intrigued by Labottach’s skin care products as, in comparison to the typical sheet mask that lasts for just 20mins, they last for 6 – 8 hours. Also, all the ingredients that they use are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil.

Thanks for sending these over Labottach!

I chose to try out 3 patches: the T-zone AG patch (forehead area), Eye patch and V-Up patch.

T-Zone AG Patch

Full ingredient list for T-Zone AG & Eye patch (The ingredients are the same):
sodium hyaluronate,hydrolyzed collagen,tocopheryl acetate, bioflavonoids




I was expecting to pull out a wet mask from the packet, but it was dry to my surprise!

Sticky underside to adhere to the skin and a velvet-like upper.

Yes so I made tyrell paste the patch on cause he has wrinkles on his forehead

Side view

And the adherence test! The patch does not move at all!

Pretty amazed at this innovation cause I previously used hydrogel eye masks and they kept sliding off no matter what position I was in – lying down, sitting up. And I had to keep repositioning them which was really cumbersome. With these patches, I dont need to worry about them sliding off the whole night

V-Up patch

This is labottach’s best-selling product! V-up (face slimming patch) did you know that it can be worn even with make-up on?

There are 2 packets per box and 2 sheets per pack (total of 4 patches) and the pack is resealable

Full ingredient list for V-up patch:

Caffeine,hydrolyzed collagen,camellia sinensis,leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, triticum vulgare(wheat)seed extract, bioflavonoids, Tocopheryl acetate, olea europaea leaf extract, simmondsia chinensis(jojoba) seed oil

The mask has a grid like texture on the underside and a velvet texture on the upper

Grid like and very sticky

Pulling the patch to get it hooked on my other ear. This requires a bit of stretching of the patch.

I can feel the patch pulling my jaw and chin in

I can feel my whole jawline tightening !


  • Lasts for the whole night
  • Sticks on and does not drop off for the whole night
  • Way more moisturising than normal sheet masks
  • Not a wet mask so it’s not as messy


  • Slight discomfort from the V-up patch as there is a pulling sensation the whole night


I was not expecting a miracle from this patch, but after using these consecutively for a few nights, my skin did feel more moisturised and my wrinkles softened a little. I like the innovation where it can be left on for 6-8hrs, providing constant moisture to my skin for a the whole night instead of just a 20min boost. And the fact that it sticks on and doesnt slip off is a big plus point.

I personally prefer the T-Zone and eye patch because they are more comfortable to wear than the V-Up patch as I personally dont like something pulling on my ears while I sleep. However that said, the V-Up patch will be more effective as it is constantly pulling my skin in for the 6-8hrs as opposed to the other 2 patches that are just stuck on.


Labottach Singapore Official website:

Labottach Facebook:

Labottach facebook

Labottach SG facebook

Where to buy:

Labottach official Q10 shop

BHG Bugis in Singapore

Psssttt! Labottach is having a giveaway! Click here to find out more 🙂


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