Very desperately in need of a root touch up as well as toning my bright yellow hair color down, I decided to try out a new salon, Kenjo hair salon, after reading many good reviews on them. They are located conveniently at Plaza Singapura too!

Kenjo Hair Salon

Kenjo hair salon is a korean salon with a combination of stylists from Taiwan, SG and Korea.

Check out my regrowth! The lighter parts were from lightening my hair in Feb and the medium brown was from the pudding hair dye done end of April. I have about 3.5mths of black regrowth.

I wanted to do an ash shade to tone down the yellow from my hair as well as try out pastel highlights cause they’re so trendy right now!

Upon arrival I was provided with :

  • Choice of drink with my favourite Lotus Biscoff biscuit
  • Magazines
  • Charging point (Yasssss!)
  • Free WiFi to take me through the 5hr coloring process
  • A bag for my handbag to prevent it from getting stained from the dye


Sombre Base

I discussed with my stylist Zenn on what I kind of hair color to dye and she recommended an ash brown base that graduates from dark at the roots to lighter at the ends, aka Sombre. Sombre is the latest trend now, goodbye Ombre!


Zenn says that she’d rather recommend styles for longevity than a one off color job which will be hard to maintain. And Sombre is great cause when my new black roots grow out, I won’t need to retouch them so soon as the new roots won’t be so obvious against the darker ash shade at the roots. I immediately agreed to her recommendation.

Balayage / Babylights

She also recommended doing pastel streaks throughout my hair and she advised to do it in the middle portion and exclude the crown and the nape area so that I wont get in trouble when I go back to work (office job) the next day.

I chose the pastel blue shade here 🙂

Zenn recommended having the pastel blue highlights in a Balayage / Babylights style.

Coloring Process

  • Lightening cream is applied on the parts that are going to be blue and wrapped in foil. Zenn used the mildest level and added some treatment into the mixture as my hair is quite dry. There was no stinky chemical smell too!


  • Ash color is applied on the rest of the base hair and then left for about 30mins


  • Dye is washed off and then blow dried

  • Time for the blue balayage! This process here is a bit complex. First, light pastel blue is applied to all of my hair excluding the roots. Then dark blue is applied on the top part of my hair in a ‘combing’ way, layering over the light blue. Zenn explained that this will prolong the pastel blue as during hair washes, the dark blue at the top will flow down to the ends.


And finally, wash off with head massage

Mucota Aire+ treatment 

Zenn also recommended the Mucota Aire+ treatment which repairs the cell membrane complex of our hair which is exposed to daily wear and tear.


  1. Mucota Aire+ cream is applied on my hair
  2. 15 min wait
  3. Wash off
  4. Mucota treatment sprayed on

Post coloring care
No washing of hair for 24hrs, or 36hr if possible.

Zenn also passed me a couple of Pravana Shampoo and conditioner samples for Colored Hair.

End results!!

Close up


Hair color dye kenjo salon balayage

The pastel highlights are more visible when curled

FYI, I didn’t use any filters here !

Zenn told me to come back another day for their signature Tokio Inkarami 5 step Treatment as my hair is long and this treatment will be very beneficial for maintaining long hair. Will update my blog on that after.

Hair color dye kenjo salon review


OMG I super super love the new pastel babylights and ash base! This is the hair of my dreams! And i can actually have pastel hair even though i’m working in an office job! Whats more, my hair is not damaged at all even though there was lightening involved. On the 2nd day after the hair coloring, my hair even feels healthier than before I dyed it.

I highly recommend my stylist Zenn as she is super sincere – her philosophy is to recommend styles for longevity, and she also listens to what I want before making appropriate recommendations while explaining with great detail on what the service & process is like. She will not force me to do a style that I dont like.

Do note that the whole process will take 5hrs, so dont forget to bring your charger!

Hair color dye kenjo salon balayage review

UPDATE: 3.5weeks later

Hair color dye kenjo salon review

The babylights look so good curled

Super loving my mermaid hair! Really amazed at how long the pastel color is lasting cause I remember doing pastel shades before and it washed out after 2 weeks. So 3.5 weeks is a big milestone !


I wanted to let you readers know the total price of doing my hair but it is rather tricky as the prices are different for different hair lengths and everyone has a different current state of hair, so the process that I did may not be the same for someone else. I still have good news here though!

Kenjo Hair Salon is offering a special discount for my readers: Quote my name “EstherK” and receive 15% off ALL hair services with my stylist Zenn. 

Kenjo Hair Salon

Website here

Facebook here


68 orchard road, #04-72
Plaza Singapore new wing
Singapore 238839

Phone: 62388083


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