If you’re thinking of holding your wedding at the White rabbit, the most important thing you need to know is that the White Rabbit does not provide a wedding planner (vs holding a wedding in a hotel where a wedding planner is quite commonly offered). What this means is that you will need to engage a wedding planner or get one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be the wedding planner. Another difference is that certain items like decor, projectors, etc, are also not provided at the White Rabbit.

However, that said, I still went ahead with the white rabbit because I really love their chapel like building and whimsical little garden. I’ve always dreamed of having a garden wedding!



Here’s the list of items that are NOT provided:

  1. No projectors indoors and no outdoor sound system in the garden. Simple sound system indoors
  2. No indoor decor provided and simple outdoor decor provided (solemnisation flowers)
  3. No complimentary alcohol
  4. No wedding favors
  5. No cloth to block out window to the holding room (which is a makeshift corner used for changing that can been seen from the dining area).
  6. No mirror in the holding room
  7. No complimentary food tasting. Food tasting is at 50% off for max 4 Pax.
  8. No complimentary hotel room stay
  9. No agenda or time runner provided

Looking at this, it’s obvious that I had to engage numerous vendors on my own.

Here are the vendors that I engaged:

  1. Indoor projector and outdoor sound system: Multi Image
  2. Tiffany chairs: Beautique Bridal & Co aka Cheap Tiffany Chair Rental
  3. Flowers, flower arch, welcome table and decor: sweet.as.cosmos
  4. Alcohol: Wines Wholesale for wines and Asher for champagne and hard liquor
  5. Wedding favors: white rabbit candy from wholesaler Kean Ann
  6. Black cloth to block out the window to the holding room: Spotlight

I was also not aware of some of the items that The White Rabbit provided until I happened to be there to deliver some props and I chanced upon another wedding that was being held at that time.

Here’s what the white rabbit provides:

  • Seating chart with names printed out and displayed on a signboard
  • Name placards placed on the table for each guest
  • Signage at the entrance directing guests to the rabbit hole
  • Flower Decor for Table and 5 chairs for the solemnisation ceremony


Signage at both entrances


flower decor and ribbons provided by The White Rabbit. “his” and “hers” sign was my own

Food Tasting

No complimentary food tasting. Food tasting is at 50% off for max 4 Pax

Actual Day

Done with makeup!

Outdoor Solemisation


Flower Arch from Florist


Tiffany Chairs from vendor


tyrell-esther-1066 tyrell-esther-1114




Bouquet from Florist




Bouquet toss winner!


Indoor Wedding Dinner


Table runner decor from florist. Flower pot wedding favors is my own.



Decor table from Florist


Signage from Florist



fairylights from florist



Having so much fun playing the ‘shoe game’ with the audience




touching speeches from my bridesmaids


Surprise performance from Kitty!


THE PARTY STARTS NOWtyrell-esther-1386tyrell-esther-1388

Girls VS Boystyrell-esther-1389

And guess which side won? GIRLS of cozzzz 😛tyrell-esther-1399

Punishment for the boys

Some of my personal suggestions for The White Rabbit:

  • Simple things like the black cloth to black off the holding room should be provided by the White Rabbit as this isn’t hard for them to help with and will really help ease the load off the couple. Plus this can be reused for the other weddings held at the White Rabbit.
  • For the amount of money that we are paying already, the tasting should at least be complimentary.
  • Take initiative to inform the couple on what items are provided as I actually printed out the seating chart and rented a signage to direct guests because I was not aware that it was provided for.

Overall thoughts on The White rabbit:

The White Rabbit is certainly a very beautiful venue for holding a wedding, as long as you are prepared to engage a wedding planner to get the venue ready, it will save you all the hassles of engaging numerous vendors. Or, have a bridesmaid / groomsmen take on this role.


All vendors engaged:

Overall thoughts on the vendors:

I’m really happy with the service provided by all vendors, everything was delivered as requested without any hiccups.

Of the list, I’d highly recommend:

  • Multi Image for being able to ensure that everything went smoothly even though we had some impromptu requests.
  • sweet.as.cosmos for being so patient with me cause i made quite a lot of changes to the original proposal. The decor turned out to be just how i had visualised them to be.
  • Jonathan my photographer who stayed on later than agreed just to capture the drinking games at the end
  • Sarah Lee my MUA for making me glow! I super love the pink eyeshadow + eyeliner at the bottom lash line, and the extra details like the lower lash falsies.
  • Jerald Foo for being such an entertaining Emcee. I’d have no one else to ever be my emcee but you 🙂

Pssst.. Do stay tuned! I will be blogging in another post on my DIY wedding items!

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