The wrong way to clean a cats ears 

I recently welcomed a new member to the family! Meet whiskers the munchkin!

However, he was less than 3 months old when I started to notice that whiskers was scratching his ears really often but I didn’t think too much of it. Until I saw chunks of fur around my home. My heart sank! He has been scratching so much that his fur started to come off. My poor little kitten is going to have bald patches ?! And upon checking the insides of his ears, it was filled with so much brown gunk!

Immediately we arranged to visit the vet nearby even though we didn’t have a cage to carry him in. We literally held him in our hands and walked to the vet.

At the clinic:
The vet concluded that whiskers had ear infection and fungal infection due to excessive scratching.

The vet didn’t show us how to clean his ears nor did she clean it for us. She simply prescribed a demotic ear and skin suspension for the ear infection and shampoo malaseb for the fungal infection. 

  • She told us to use the existing ear cleanser that we had to clean his ears before dripping the ear suspension into his ears. 
  • bathe him once a week
  • apply a drop of the shampoo to his affected areas daily.

So when we got home, we dripped the ear cleanser into his ears and then used q tips to try to get the dark brown gunk out. Whiskers kept struggling.

We also bathed him with the shampoo from the vet.

After 4 days, the situation didn’t seem to be improving. So we decided to go back to the vet to ask them to clean his ears for us.

Second visit to a different vet:

The Vet confirmed that whiskers had ear mites. She did a lab quick stain and let us look through the microscope. I saw with my own eyes the mites moving around on the slate. It was so revolting.

So much gunk from his ears !

The vet then she showed us how to clean his ears and this is what should not be done:

  • Do not use q tips, use cotton balls or cotton pads as they are more gentle.
  • Do not drip the liquid into the cats ears, instead soak the cotton balls or cotton pads with ear liquid, wrap it around your finger and put your finger inside his ears and gently wipe.
  • Do not apply the ear suspension immediately. Wait till the ears dry before applying the suspension. Then massage the suspension into the ears.

The nurses also helped us to clean out his inner ears with q tips by rotating the q tips gently.

He was also subscribed a vile for the mites. Here’s how to use it:

  • Applied once every 2 weeks onto the back of his head where he can’t reach it.
  • Not to rub the area where it is applied.
  • no bathing for 2 days before and after application of the vile
  • There are 3 viles to be applied in total; one every 2 weeks.

Will update again on whiskers progress. Hope all goes well!

Meanwhile you can follow whiskers here on instagram

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