Recently, my brown hair color has faded and turned very yellow. I wanted to tone the yellow down to something more ash, so I started the search for an ash hair dye.  I did some research online, and i chanced upon the Ezn Shaking Pudding Hair Color. On a side note, if one were to browse for hair dyes in a physical shop, I think they would have totally walked past the Ezn pudding hair color because well, the box looks more like jelly than hair dye!

They have so many different shades of ash to choose from, and all of them are so appealing, so much that I wanted to buy them all! On top of that, a bigger factor in my decision to pick this Pudding Hair Color is because it is AMMONIA FREE! Gorgeous ash color + Ammonia free? I was sold! (Maybe also the fact that it is a korean hair dye made me more bias towards it :P)

Ezn Shaking Pudding Hair Color

Hair dye that has a pudding texture? For real?


Smoky Ash Beige

This is the color I chose, smokey ash beige. According to the chart, it is one of the lightest shades within the brown section.

I bought 2 boxes because I have very long hair, almost waist length.

The box comes with:

  1. Mixing container
  2. Developer and colorant
  3. Plastic Ear covers
  4. Plastic cape (which can be adjusted at the neck!)
  5. Latex gloves
  6. Hair pack (Angel Ring Hair treatment)
  7. Manual

My manual was in Korean, and I had to search online for english instructions, nevertheless, i have broken down the step by step process as per below:


Equal amounts of the developer and colorant are mixed in the provided jar. It was quite easy to shake.

Andddddd, true to its name, it turned out into a pudding texture and almost looks edible.

My original hair:

  • Hair texture: fine
  • I previously lightened my hair in Feb’17 and it has faded into a rather yellow shade.
  • I have 3 months of regrowth here

Tyrell helped me to apply the dye and then I helped him using the remaining dye. We actually had remaining dye left even after applying for both of us.

It was surprisingly quite easy to apply with our hands. I had a dye hair brush prepared in case the pudding texture was hard to apply, but I didn’t end up using the brush as the texture was easy enough to apply. Simply scoop it out from the pot and massage it into the hairs.

Dye color gradually fades from beige to dark


Pudding Hair Color Review Smokey Ash Beige
Processed with VSCO with preset

My black roots became a medium brown and my previously yellow toned hair became more of a light ash brown.

You can kinda see the 2 different tones here but the 2 colors flow from one to another.

Back view

On Tyrell, this came out almost negligible. I’m guess its cause his hair is more coarse than mine? However, he has a slight tint of color under the sun which suits him quite well as he is fairly dark skinned and light hair colors don’t suit him.

Us with our new hair colors 🙂


  1. Everything necessary for coloring is provided for. Even a cape and ear caps.
  3. Wide range of ash shades to choose from
  4. Less damaging on the hair compared to other dyes
  5. Interesting new pudding texture and it is easier to apply than other box dyes. Application doesn’t require a brush or comb


  1. Tacky packaging that looks more like jelly than hair dye
  2. Color will not be as vivid if hair isn’t colored or bleached prior.

Overall thoughts:

If you are expecting your black hair to turn out just like the advertised smokey ash beige color, you will be disappointed. It is not possible to lighten hair to that shade without using bleach. However, if you set your expectations right, then this dye is a great dye in comparison to other box dyes out there. It is easy to apply even without a brush and everything like the cape and ear caps are provided. So if you’re looking for an ammonia free dye to tone your hair down and even out your roots, this is a great choice.

Note: They also have a hair bleach version that can be used prior to using the hair dye for those that wish to achieve a light ash shade.

*UPDATE: I’ve tried out another shade too! Smokey ash lavender 🙂

Beauty Review: Ezn Pudding Ammonia-Free hair color in Smoky Ash Lavender

Where to buy:

I bought the Ezn Shaking Pudding Hair Color on qoo10 here for S$19.30.

You can also buy them from Korea at Olive Young stores

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