Beauty review: Neo Cosmo Queen 4 tone Contact lens in Honey Brown & Mystery Grey 

I’m always on the hunt for new contact lenses (not because I dont like the previous lenses but) because I’m always itching to try new designs with better and improved specs. I personally like to purchase 6m or 3m disposable contact lenses cause I don’t need to keep purchasing lenses that frequently and also cause they are cheaper when divided out per month.

Neo Cosmo Queen 4 Tone

So I recently purchased Neo Cosmo 4 tone lens in both grey and brown, and here are the swatches


  • Diameter: 14.2 mm
  • Water content: 45%
  • 3 months disposable

The World’s First breakthrough advanced technology that use 4 color layers in sandwich method to create unique lens designs composed of dark and light tone for each color.

 Honey Brown

These do look kinda unnatural in the bottle cause of the distorted lines design but it’s fine after putting them on.

In natural day light

The gold brown blends into a gradient from my natural iris color to the lens color really well.

Indoor light

Neo queen 4 tone contact lens

My natural brown iris fades out into the yellow brown lens

Neo queen 4 tone contact lens

From a further distance

The brown color shows even from afar!

Mystery Grey

Grey turns out blueish-grey!

My thoughts

I am shortsighted and I need to wear lenses everyday so comfort is a really important factor for me. These were more moist than the average lens thanks to the 45% water content.

I also like how it looks really natural ! The diameter is not overly big and the color design goes really well with my natural iris. The lens diameter ring is also not too black and harsh looking. So overall, these factors help to keep it natural looking.

One will know if a lens is good or not when one receives many compliments. Which I did, and have had a few people asking me where I bought them 🙂


  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Color / Design: 4/5
  • Natural or obvious: natural
  • Enlargement: a sensible natural enlargment
  • Overall score: 4/5

Where to buy:

I bought them from Mr Lens here:

Price: RM50 (S$19)

*Shipping is free if your purchase is over RM500 (S$167), so I usually bulk order together with my friends.

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