It took me some time to finally choose a hotel because, although quite a few hotels have really nice infinity pools, these are usually public pools. Also, most of the private pools end up being a Jacuzzi tub instead of an actual pool. After searching through numerous hotels, we finally found an accommodation that had a private pool. And what’s more, the private pool was a CAVE POOL.

I loved the lava cave so much that I figured I just had to have a blog post solely for the lava cave.

Lava Cave Santorini

Prior to arriving at lava cave 

Lava Cave administration office texted us on whatsapp prior to our arrival to check if we needed airport/port transfer. The transfer from Fira port to lava cave was an additional 40euros. However we took a bus instead as we had ample time to spare.

Arriving at Oia

The bell boy met us at the Oia post office, which is a common meeting point in Oia.

I usually consider bell boys to be a luxury rather than a necessity. But for the first time in my life, I’d have to say that I was wrong. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get to the lava cave without the bell boy because..

For one, there is no address, and no signages.

And there is a portion of the path to the lava cave that is super steep and narrow.

And at the steepest part, the bell boy (who is about the same size as Tyrell) took one of our luggage weighing 25kg onto his shoulder and took the other luggage which was also around 25kg in his other hand and walked down the tiny steep stairs with ease. I was freaking out cause his centre of gravity would have increased after adding the 25kg luggage on his shoulder and if he tipped to the front slightly, he would have definitely somersaulted forward!

But anyway he made it to the lava cave with our luggages in one piece. Really really amazed!

Entrance to the lava cave.

It’s not an entirely private pool but most tourists don’t attempt to walk all the way down to where the lava cave is as it’s super steep.

When we arrived, Eri was already at the lava cave waiting for us and she explained to us everything we needed to know about the lava cave.

Cave kitchen

Cave bedroom

Cave bed

Cave Dresser

The cave toilet !

We are provided with wine, fruits, ham, nuts, juice. All on the house

Most people who stay in the lava cave will likely want to spend more time in the lava cave and in the pool and having food and drinks provided makes this much easier and removes the hassle of heading out to the supermarket to purchase them.

Private Cave Pool

And here’s the best part of the lava cave.. the cave pool!

And there were Jacuzzi jets in the pool which was such a bonus!

Night view of the lava cave. There are candles to light up!


You can see here that the Oia Blue Church View Point is just beside the Lava Cave on the right!


  • The cave pool!!
  • Everything is cave themed. There is no where else in the world where you can stay in a white cave hotel.
  • We are provided with drinks, wine, snacks and sweets.
  • Prime location, right in the heart of Oia and only 5 metres away from the Oia “postcard photo” spot.


  • The floor was a little soapy and slippery. I’m guessing that this was because they didn’t do a second wet mop after doing a soap mop.
  • Steep walk down to get to the lava cave. This will probably not be suitable for old people. Also, there isn’t many street lamps and so it is quite dark when returning to lava cave at night.


We had a really lovely time at the lava cave. The cave pool was drop dead gorgeous and the water was warm enough for us to use at night too. Service was excellent; they were proactive with texting us via Whatsapp to check on our arrival time and if we needed transfer services.

Also, Lava Caves is right smack in the middle of the BEST spots in Oia. It is literally 5 meters away from the Santorini ‘postcard photo’ spot!!

Book it on airbnb here.

Price: S$605 (USD$414) per night

In my opinion, this price is considered reasonable compared to other places with a similar type of cave pool as I had been searching on cave pools for awhile, and they are usually around S$700 a night and onwards.

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