I’ve always remembered reading about the dead sea as a kid and was intrigued at how people could possibly float in such a salt lake. To finally get the chance to experience floating in the waters of the dead sea for real is just mind blowing!

Some of my my friends asked me “Has anyone drowned in the dead sea before?”. Well, I tried very hard to sink myself in the dead sea, but i kept bobbing back up. I’d say yes, it’s impossible to sink, not drown. Because technically, if you float with your face down, you will drown lol!

I literally couldn’t find any sand at the bottom of the sea. Everything that I scooped up was salt. Mega cool!!!

A rather sad piece of information is that the waters are receding by a meter each year and by 2050 it will be completely extinct 😦

The dead sea borders Jordan to the east and Israel to the west and you can visit from both countries. I visited the dead sea from Israel and here’s some tips on how you can enjoy the dead sea like a pro with 1 night:

1. Stay at a hotel beside the Dead Sea

I highly recommend staying at a hotel beside the Dead Sea instead of a road tripping down to the dead sea. Especially with the layer of salt and stickiness that the salt water leaves, shower facilities become very very important.

I personally stayed at a hotel beside the dead sea called David dead sea and spa hotel and it was just a 5 min walk to the dead sea (That’s the hotel there in the picture, close isn’t it?). Benefits of staying at this hotel is that they maintain the shores of the dead sea, so there isn’t as many rocks at the bottom of the sea, but still, do be careful. Right beside the hotel is McDonald’s, just in case you’ve been overloaded on Mediterranean food, McDonald’s is there to save the day!

The hotel website link here. For a hotel located on the seafront, it’s priced fairly reasonably at US$162 per night.

Pssssst! In case you’re wondering, It’s absolutely fine to wear a bikini here 🙂


2. Take photos first! Then put your camera away and enjoy the dead sea 

If you were planning to do it the other way around, think again.. Your hands are going to get super sticky from the salt water, as it leaves a layer of salt on your skin, and it is impossible to get rid of it with a towel.

3. The sun sets earlier during certain periods of the year 

The sunset times ranges from 4.40pm – 7.40pm in Israel. The sun sets the earliest in Dec and latest in Jun. It is good to note this in case you were planning to arrive at the dead sea in the evening. Once the sun sets, the beach is closed and you will not be allowed into the sea. Here is the sunset forecast for Israel.

4. Try not to get the water on your face – in your eyes or mouth.

It stings like a B***H, and tastes vile. Speaking from first hand experience.. so be sure to move slowly and keep your head up.


5. Rent a car and Drive to the hotel at the Dead Sea!

The gorgeous coastline and sandy mountainous terrains are such a sight to behold with the beautiful turquoise waters and white salt laced shores. There are a few lookout points along the way where you can stop your car and take pictures.

6. Spend no more than 20 mins in the dead sea as it will dehydrate you.

7. Wear an old / cheap swimsuit. There is a chance that the salt water will de-color your swimsuit.

8. Make sure you don’t have any open wounds (or shaved recently), otherwise you will literally be putting salt into your wound. 

9. Keep your electronics away from the salt water. The salt water will corrode anything metal.

10. BONUS: Spot the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered.

The 2000+ year old dead sea scrolls were discovered at Wadi Qumran, located along the north western shores of the dead sea! This is a big thing for Christians. Here is the location of Wadi Qumran.


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