Beauty review: PINK CONTACT LENS! RevoColour Romantic in Peach Pink

So… I randomly decided to try out pink contact lens because I was getting bored of the typical natural shades of grey, hazel and brown. I chose RevoColour Romantic because their pink lens had more than just pink, it graduates to a hazel shade that I feel will make my natural brown iris blend in better with the pink lens.

RevoColour Romantic in Peach Pink


RevoColour in Romantic Peach Pink


45% water content is excellent! This means that more oxygen is able to pass through to the eye, which prevents the eyes from drying out too early. Quite a few of my previous lenses are 38% or 42%, so 45% is a great boost.

The lens came in these bottles


In the case. They look really pink here I got a bit scared.


Indoors with 1 eye. The pink isn’t as obvious as I thought it might be, it looks like pink-brown

Both sides on now

In Natural Light

from afar


  • Subtle pink
  • Great color if you’re keen on trying something new
  • Great price for yearly disposables


  • May not be appropriate for the corporate world


  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Color / Design: 4.5/5
  • Enlargement: 4/5
  • Natural or standout: Standout
  • Overall score: 4.2/5

I really like this lens as it gives that extra oomph to the usual brown / grey colors but at the same time, it is not overly unnatural because there is hazel to allow the pink to blend in better. Plus I received a few queries on what lens I was wearing from readers 🙂

Where to buy:

Bought them on

Price: USD$24.90



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