UPDATE: My 2017 list is here!

My 10 step korean skincare routine (free of: parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil) 2017

Just last year, I became more aware of the types of ingredients that go into beauty products and started to read product labels.I was so shocked that almost all the drugstore products contained many harmful ingredients.

Ever since that happened, I threw away quite a fair bit of skincare and beauty products that contain harmful ingredients. It really wasn’t easy, to see all my $$$ thrown into the bin. But I can say that I do not regret it at all, my skin has improved tremendously since then.

Since then, I’ve repurchased only clean products and by clean I mean products that are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, alcohol, silicones (really hard to avoid in moisturisers), sulfates, and etc.


Some background on my skin:

– oily T zone
– blackheads on nose
– extremely dry and sensitive cheeks
My skin is so sensitive that if I dont immediately apply skincare after washing my face, my cheeks will get itchy and inflammed.

Im really excited to share with you all my multi step Korean skincare routine that is clean of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, alcohol, silicones and sulfates.

1. Makeup Remover


Innisfree moisture Cleansing Oil


Étude real art mild cleansing oil

2. Cleanser


Innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam

3. peeling gel / aha / bha


Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid

I apply this daily on my t zone (areas with blackheads) and avoid my sensitive cheek area.

You can buy this from qoo10

Primera facial mild peeling

You can buy this from qoo10

4. Rinse off masks like yoghurt / honey / clay / modelling masks

I use plain natural yoghurt or honey as masks. Honey gives moisture and is great for sensitive skin.

Ettang modeling take out cup pack

This mask comes in powder, to use it, simply add water and mix. It’s one of those masks that are used in beauty salons!

You can buy this from qoo10

5. Toner


Innisfree green tea moisture skin

Whamisa organic flowers toner deep rich

Quite a lot of toners come with alcohol but for sensitive skin, try to avoid alcohol based toners.

Buy from qoo10 here

6. Sheet mask / eye mask


Whamisa organic hydrogel masks with fermentation technology

Buy from qoo10 here 

Banobagi Vita genic jelly mask

Buy from qoo10 here

Forencos 7days mask

Initially I was quite apprehensive of this celebrity endorsed mask, but after going through the ingredients, i was amazed! I also love the Silk cocoon mask material.

7. Serums / essence

Cosrx glactomyces 95 whitening power essence. This is really similar to the SK-II treatment essence but at a fraction of the price.

You can buy this from qoo10

Cosrx Hyaluronic acid hydra power essence

You.can buy this from qoo10

Try to stay clear if citrus ingredients like orange or lemon or vitamin c as it can be an irritant for sensitive skin.

8. moisturiser / cream


Whamisa organic flowers water cream using fermented technology. Finally found a moisturiser with no silicones!!
9. Eye cream 

Mizon snail repair eyecream

You can buy this from qoo10

10. Oils:


This is how much I love oils, check out my oil collection. My favourites are argan, primrose, jojoba. (Yeah they aren’t exactly Korean but I thought I’d include them here anyway since Koreans have this as part of their skincare too) They’re really great for super dry skin, so I always apply this as a final step on my cheeks

Where to buy:

Most of them can be found on qoo10. If you can’t find them on qoo10, you can purchase them from websites like testerkorea or Koreadepart with a shipping fee.

It’s really hard to find moisturisers, makeup base or cushions that don’t contain silicones. If you happen to know of any, feel free to share it with me 🙂

I always always check products ingredients on CosDNA, but quite often, ingredient lists are not readily available on the internet and so shopping for clean skincare really becomes quite a hassle. Hope that my list has saved you some time and years off your skin!

The owner of this blog makes no representations to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.


7 thoughts on “My 10 step korean skincare routine (free of: parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil)

  1. Hi,

    Just read your article on the toxin free skin care!

    Thanks a lot! This is really going to help me to choose safe and healthy cosmetic! 😊😊😊😊😊

    Since this blog created in July 2016, wondering whether you have another suggestion of other products… ? 😊😊😊😊😊

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment and I’m glad to hear that this has helped you in choosing your skincare 🙂 you are certainly right about a newer list, I am in the midst of compiling it and am hoping to publish it soon 🙂 Stay posted!


  2. Thank you very much for all thr information you are sharing here. I suddenly have a very strong reaction to the famous phenoxyethanol, it burns my skin. It is a severe allergy and nowadays almost everything I used to buy, contain that ingredient. I am spanish but I have been using korean and japanese cosmetics for years. I have been using Sana lately, all their soy products. They maybe contain silicones, not sure… but at least they don’t have pehnoxyethanol. I will try the products you recommended here. Thank you very much! (*^ω^*)


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