For those of you that may have known, I did eyebrow embroidery for the very first time in march 2015. Original post on my dayre here for reference

Brow embroidery is a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo that lasts for about 1-2 years.


What’s new?
Last year, i did 5d Nano embriodery, but this year, they have upgraded to 6D Nano embroidery from 5D Nano embroidery. They are both done via a method called microblading. So what’s the difference? The difference is in the type of blade used. 6D has finer blades which gives the fine hair like effect and thus the brows will look more natural.


What’s also new is that since then, my beautician has opened her own shop at marine parade called Sunshine Brow Studio.


It’s now 1 year since and my brows have only faded a little at the inner brow area, but I want to touch it up so that I need not draw my inner brows every morning.
I will have to say though that this was my fault. My original brows were done with dark brown and during the touch up, I decided that I wanted to elongate my inner brows. I insisted on medium brown color even though my beautician suggested that I do dark brown as it would last longer. And true enough the inner brows did fade faster. Yes… i feel like slapping myself. Should have listened to the expert. Mind you, she has over 15 years of Brow embroidery experience.

The process
So the day has come where I will look like lapixiaoxin for a week!

1. Shaping and drawing of brows


My beautician makes sure that my brows are shaped perfectly before doing the embroidery. After drawing my to-be brows, she got me to stand straight against a wall and looked at my brows from afar to ensure that it is even. She’s really meticulous! I love the shape she drew, its a thick korean brow and it looks like Fan Bing Bing / Angela Babys ones.




Sora park, 3ce model

Here is a pic of me with thin brows vs thick brows.



Don’t you think thick brows make me look younger and more approachable? Begone forever thin brows!!

2. Numbing cream


It takes about 20 mins for the cream to set so here I am self entertaining by making stupid faces.

3. Embroidery
I chose dark brown color but my beautitian also has other colors like light brown, etc.
The blade is shown to me and its a brand new blade for each customer. The color is scraped into my brows with the blade. I’m someone thats very afraid of pain and thankfully there’s no pain at all because of the numbing cream! No kidding!

4. Setting the color

This is also new!

This additional layer helps to set and retain the color better. It’s left on for about 10mins.


Tada! My temporary look

5. Wipe off and we are done!


Can you see the fine strokes? The embroidery is super natural. They look like real hairs!

All in, the whole process takes around 2hrs.



Apply this gel 3 times a day to prevent the color from fading and germs from getting in.
Gel price: $28


Trying my best to pull off this “high fashion model” look for a week


Healing process takes exactly 1 week.

Day 1 – Sore brows
Day 3 – Brows are getting rather itchy
Day 5 – still itchy and a little bit has flaked off.
Day 7 – inner Brow flaked off
Day 8 – no more lapixiaoxin!


day 7


day 7: Inner Brow has flaked off, outer Brow is still dark

Another customer
My friend from New Zealand also did her brows at Sunshine brow studio while she was on holiday here in SG. (Note: I have not done my brows at this point)


Immediately after doing her brows, we head to 328 katong laksa!


Before and after peeling. Loving this thinner Brow shape too!



I’m happy that my brows lasted for more than a year and it could have lasted even longer if not for the inner brows fading off (which is my bad for choosing a light color).


I also just recently returned from my holiday in Korea and could have done my brows there but I decided to do them at Sunshine brow studio because I trust only them with my brows.


After 1 month. Brows are still on point

Sunshine brow studio
87 Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440087
It’s conveniently located just beside standard chartered bank, opposite marine parade shopping centre.

Opening hours:
11am – 8pm everyday

To make an appointment, call or sms +65-8606-4332


NORMAL WALK-IN price for 6D Brow embroidery is $1288 but they are having a promotional rate of $488 now!

1 free touch up
Price above is inclusive of 1 free touch up.
Touch up should be done after 2 months but before 3 months.

Subsequent Brow touch ups
1 session @ $280

Promotional touch up prices:
2 session package @ $300
4 session package @ $540


4 thoughts on “Beauty review: 6D Nano Eyebrow embroidery at Sunshine Brow Studio

  1. Hi, super love your eyebrows and I first get your blog via the link by beautyrecipe, which is where u did ur first embroidery. Can I check if Eileen is the same person doing both ur brows? And now she’s at sunshine? Thanks alot!


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