Korea: Review on hair cut, dye & treatment at Cecica Hair Salon, Seoul

I’ve always wanted to see how it would be like to have my hair done in Korea. Korean girls always seem to have such healthy luscious bouncy locks that I’m so envious of.

After contemplating between Juno and Cecica hair salons, I decided to give Cecica a go because Juno is rather pricey.


I was greeted by the lady boss Mi Ho, and she can speak really good english. Initially, I was only planning to color and cut my hair, but when she showed me their promo for cut, color and treatment, I immediately agreed because I love Korean 3 step treatments. Here’s my review on an authentic Korean 3-step treatment in SG, if you don’t get the chance to do it in Korea you can do it in SG.


1. Dye hair


I chose the fifth color from the top left, ash brown


slapping on keratin to my hair ends prior to coloring. Oh and that’s Mi Ho the lady boss

Because my hair ends are super damaged, 30% Keratin is sprayed onto my hair ends and then blow-dried prior to coloring.

2. Hair treatment (3 step)

Step 1- Moisture
Step 2 – Keratin
Step 3- Silk


Moisture step involves application of cream onto the hair ends and a heating machine is used for about 10 mins. Then its rinsed off.

Keratin and silk steps are combined and they are sprayed on the whole head and then left to set for 10 mins. Rinse off and we are done!

3. Haircut and styling
Mi Ho cut my hair straight at the ends for a fuller healthier look.



Tyrells new color, cut and styling. Doesn’t he look koreany?

Can’t get over how healthy and strong my hair is now. Even post dyeing! I am super appreciative of how they took preventive measures for my hair – by spraying keratin on my hair ends to protect my hair prior to coloring.



My hair was classified as super long hair. I paid 207,000krw (approx 250sgd) in total for hair dye, treatment, cut and style.

Mens hair is classified as short. It costs 80,000krw for hair color, cut and style. (approx 100sgd)



1F, 37-22, seodaemun-gu, daehyeon-dong, Seoul, Korea

Station: Ewha womens university
Take Exit 2 (not exit 1) and walk straight all the way. Turn left when you see the shop Olleh. Cecica will be on the right.

+82-2-313-8956, +82-2-312-1455

Their Facebook page here

Official website here http://www.cchair.co.kr/

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