Korea: Top 10 Skincare and cosmetic beauty loots 2016

On my recent trip to Korea in April 2016, I brought back an additional 16kg of cosmetics and skincare. Somehow there’s always new product inventions and new brands popping up all the time, so there’s always something new to buy!
Stocking up for 2 years worth baby!

Here are some of my favourite buys and newest innovations from Korea

1. Too cool for school prestige hydra infused oil (firming)
My big boss swears by this. She bought like 30 bottles on qoo10 which amounts to over S$1,000. I had to give it a go, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

2. Cushions: Innisfree ampoule cushion, Hera UV mist cushion
Cushions are a lazy girls best friend
These babies were on 50% off at only 10,000krw!! I immediately grabbed them!!

buy from shangpree / lotte department stores

3. Shrek facial masks
There are even hydrogel versions, which are much more hydrating than normal cotton sheet masks cause the serum doesn’t evaporate as fast and they have better contact with your skin.

4. Line cosmetics from Missha

These eyeshadows are so adorable, plus, they’re pocket and travel friendly.
Now about the orange color, Korean girls on the streets of Korea use orange eyeshadows. Yes you heard me. Not the bronze matte kinda orange but bright orange! It goes extremely well with their orange lippies, their coloured brows and hair. #orangeobsession

5. Innisfree volcanic mousse mask

This is the new version of their bestselling super volcanic clay mask. It is much easier to apply and goes on really smooth!

6. Lindsay Rubber Modeling masks
Buy from: Olive young
Remember the type of masks that you get when you do a facial? The one that goes on liquid but peels right off your face after drying? Now you can do this at home too!
My previous review on ettang rubber modeling masks here http://dayre.me/estherksz/n38Mads24y

7. Mamonde rose honey sleeping mask
Perfect for use at night! And because of the honey, it smells so yummy. But what I love is the rose oil beads that look like rose petals, they’re super pretty! And they dissolve when applied to your face.

8. Innisfree volcanic pore cleansing foam
Especially in a humid country like sg, where oil glands are super active, you can imagine how much gunk builds up in them pores. There’s no other facial wash that can clean my pores like this does. My bf now ONLY uses this and even my Bfs mom has been secretly using it.

9. The saem hydra peel cotton swab kit
Soak these swabs in the AHA and tea tree ampoule before being applying on your face. It gently exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin cells revealing smooth and healthy skin underneath. The best part? No need for rise off!

10. Peri’s Lip ink
buy from clio

This lip ink lasts as long as the famed berrisom lip tint but without the need to peel a layer off! How convenient. My berrisom lip tint review here for reference http://dayre.me/estherksz/Nhzr2wdEdk

Don’t forget to claim your tax return! Here’s a quick guide https://estherksz.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/korea-quick-guide-to-claiming-your-tax-refund-at-incheon-airport-2016/#more-1103

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