Tromso: Dog Sledding into the Lyngen Alps

A trip to Lapland will never be complete without a dog sledding experience in the snowy forests.

There are many types of dog sledding available in Tromso. You can choose between shorter 1km rides or safaris of 1hr and above. You may get to try “driving” (aka mushing) the sled on your own too.

There are also dog sledding safaris at night that hunt for the northern lights!


The company that I went with is called Northern Light Dog Adventure. It’s a family owned company with over 30 huskies. They are located 1hr from Tromso.

Their tours are in small groups of 2-8; everyone can get the most out of the adventure.


the setting for dog sledding

The scenery in Lakselvdalen is simply beautiful. You will be sledding with a backdrop of the Lyngen alps and highest mountain in Tromsø, Jiehkkevarri (1834 m).

My experience


We arrive at the base camp and are greeted with such a gorgeous sunrise. It’s literally pastel pink! (No filter here!!!)


the basecamp

We then get ourselves into a warm jumpsuit, beanie, and gloves before heading to the starting point.


Huskies transported this way

Our tour guide, Thomas, teaches us how to control the sled. Basically the only thing you have to do is to brake. Just step down on the metal claw like brake which will dig into the snow to brake.

Brake! Brake! Brake! The huskies will run like an engine on full speed


Our sled

You will need to brake when it’s going downhill and when it’s turning. However, you don’t need to steer at all because the huskies know the route and will follow after Thomas who leads in the front.


Riding into the Lyngen Alps

Its two people per sled: one driver and one passenger. I’m totally enjoying the ride here as Tyrell does the work driving the sled. He has to help push the sled up some slopes at times.

During the ride, 1 husky started to limp – it was half limping and half getting pulled by the sled. I was thinking “Omg is it hurt?!” Then.. it started to poop.. LOL I’ve never thought it was possible to poop while running till now!


At the halfway point

We swap and its my turn to drive. And it’s tiring but exhilarating! My face got numb from the blistering wind but it didn’t bother me at all because I was enjoying the sledding too much.

After the ride, we get to play and take photos with the huskies


this particular husky kept rolling and rolling in the snow. Mega adorable!

We settle down in a little hut and are given hot drinks and homemade cake as the lady boss chats with us. She told us all about their history and gave us some tips on where to go for a scenic drive nearby. She’s super kind!

I highly recommend northern light dog adventure! They handled everything so professionally and I had a ball of a time. I’ve been to husky farms where the huskies are really hostile. However, Northern light dog adventure’s huskies are super friendly and well trained. You’ll be able to hug the huskies all you want too. Not to mention, the setting for the sledding is so beautiful – Pink sunrise over the Lyngen Alps.

Morning ride (the one I did)
Time: 9am (no pick up provided, good for those that have a car)
Duration: 2hrs
Price: 1000nok

Mid day trip
Time: 11am pick up at Tromso tourist office, start sledding at 12noon. (This is great for those of you that don’t have a car)
Duration: 4-5hrs inclusive of the drive to and from Tromso
Price: 1750nok

Included in the tours: Guide, warm suits, boots, hat and gloves, mushing instructions, coffee / tea and biscuits

Lakselvdalveien 375, 9040 Nordkjosbotn

It is recommended to book in advance at their website here.
Facebook page for their latest updates here

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