If you happen to be in Oslo during winter, the korketrekkeren is a MUST try for adventure lovers.

What is the Korketrekkeren?
The Korketrekkeren (direct translation: The Corkscrew) is a tobogganing track in Oslo, Norway. When there is enough snow, it is open to public for sledding.

It is 2000 metres long, and the elevation drop is 255 metres. One non-stop sled ride takes 8-10 minutes.


What’s really interesting about the korketrekkeren is, at the end of the sled, you take the public metro back (from Midtstuen station) to the starting point (Frognerseteren station), along with your sled and helmet.

The metro from Midtstuen to Frognerseteren takes 13 minutes.

Note: The sled has to be returned back to the starting point.


If you have your own sled, riding in Korketrekkeren is free, else, sled rental with helmet costs NOK 80-100 per day. You can sled as many rounds as you wish.
Sleds for rent (Akeforeningen) are just a short walking distance from Frognerseteren metro stop.

Before you go
1. Check if it is open here
2. Dress appropriately: waterproof clothing. Goggles are optional but a good idea.


The way up to station is super scenic and a nice change from Oslo sentrum
Really happy to see so much snow again. There was barely any in Oslo sentrum.


The hut to rent your sled:

Views from the top


At the start and ready to release!

I didn’t really know how to control my sled the first round and I almost crashed into a little kid but managed to roll off my sled and stop it in time.

At first I was trying to use my body weight to steer the sled, but it didn’t work at all. After I crashed, Tyrell taught me the right way.

How to sled?
Use your feet to dig into the ice to brake.
To steer right, use your right foot to brake.
To steer left, use your left foot to brake.
Sounds simple right? But most tourists that I saw don’t end up learning how to do it the right way and end up like me, using their body weight.

I captured the sled ride with my gopro here.

Hop on to the train again and up we go for another round.


We arrived a little late at the korketrekkeren but we managed to go for 3 rounds before it got dark at 5pm.

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